All kinds of popular threaded rods on the market today

On the market today there are many types of threaded rods, each type of threaded rods plays a different role in the intended use of the consumer. Join Ty Viet to learn how to classify threaded rods and their applications in the article below.

Galvanized threaded rods or other names are threaded rods, steel teeth, suspension rods, ceiling mounts, cable trays are extremely important products in construction work, especially in the installation of electricity and water systems. air conditioning, fire protection systems in high-rise buildings and factory systems. Different types of threaded rods have different applications and play an important role in a wide variety of construction, mechanical, mechanical and civil engineering systems.

What are threaded rods? Types of threaded rods are popular on the market today

threaded rods, also known as threaded rods, tie rods, threaded rods are a long straight steel rod that is threaded with the whole body, often used with nuts to connect fixed structures of construction, mechanical work.

Based on the characteristics of size, strength and plating, threaded rods will be classified in the following ways:

1. Classification according to durability

+ threaded rods with durability level 4.6: These are threaded rods with normal durability.
+ threaded rods grade 5.6: These are threaded rods with medium durability.
Threaded rods grade 8.8: These are high-strength threaded rods that can withstand great traction.

2. Sort by size

+ threaded rods M6/d6 (phi 6): use workpieces with diameters from 4.6mm-5mm.
+ threaded rods M8/d8 (phi 8): use workpieces with diameters from 6.8mm – 7mm.
+ threaded rods M10/d10 (phi 10): use workpieces with diameters from 8.6mm-8.8mm.
+ threaded rods M12/d12 (non 12): use workpieces with diameters from 10.5 -10.8mm.

Besides, there are many other diameters such as: M16/M18/M20,…M56.

3. Classification by outer coating

+ hot-dip galvanized threaded rods: This type of threaded rods is made of steel material and then coated with an attached layer on the surface by hot-dip galvanizing. This method is usually applied to threaded rods with diameter D14 and above. This type is able to withstand the impact from the outside environment well.

+ Electroplated threaded rods: Electroplated threaded rods are usually applied to threaded rods of small diameter, when hot dip plating technique can affect the structure of these types due to high temperatures. This is a popular product that is often used because it is quite affordable and has good tolerance in dry environments.

Applications of threaded rods

1) Application in the construction industry

For construction works, threaded rods are often combined with dragonfly bowls to fix the arrays of sheet formwork, cylindrical formwork, etc. When the concrete hardens, people will remove the canopy and withdraw the threaded rods to rebuild. use.

2) Application in installation and interior decoration

threaded rods are mainly used for assembling indoor furniture such as shelves, fixing wooden details of cabinets… For home appliances, threaded rods with sizes from M6-size will be used. M8 and electro-galvanized so as not to lose aesthetics when installed.

3) Application in mechanical industry, machine manufacturing

For the field of mechanical processing, threaded rods are required with high endurance, great durability and often threaded rods with electrolytic zinc coating are used. And depending on the type of machine you use, threaded rods of different sizes such as M8, M10, M12, M14, etc.

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