About us

TY VIET CO.,LTD specializing in the production of threaded rods. We have modern equipments, which is increasingly mechanized to reduce the hardship of employees, along with professional management process, skilled technical team, TY VIET CO., LTD Committed to providing customers with high quality products in every detail, fast delivery and reasonable prices to meet the different requirements and needs of customers.

The strengths that make TY VIET brand different are: Specialization in the field of production, high responsibility and technical supervision who work seriously and carefully to create perfect products.


To become the leading manufacturer and supplier of threaded rods in Vietnam, a major strategic partner for domestic and foreign companies.


Become a reliable partner, bring the best quality products, the most perfect service and always aim for the interests of customers.

Enhancing the value of service quality, maximizing customer benefits, commitment to quantity and schedule, competitive prices, commitment to quality on each product.

With the motto “Quality first”, and the orientation “Continuous improvement of production”, TYVIET always strives in terms of human and brand reputation, building and maintaining trust with customers.

The trust and support of customers is a great encouragement on the development path of TYVIET. We will constantly improve infrastructure, professional and technical qualifications, best serve for customers.